Advocate for policies that improve individual’s access to oral health care. As dental hygienists we need to partner with our patients in supporting and maintaining their oral health through advocating for expanded practice, increased Medicaid coverage, and by increasing reimbursement for services by direct providers of dental hygiene services.
Capitol News March 16, 2019 Melissa Johnson, WDHA Lobbyist At this more-than-halfway-point in the legislative session, almost 700 bills are still alive between the House and Senate. Lawmakers reached the “house of origin” cutoff last Wednesday, and have returned to their committee hearing schedules. The next deadline for legislators is on April 3rd, when bills must pass the opposite house’s policy committees. Budget writers are putting their final touches on the House and Senate budgets, with this week’s revenue forecast being the last piece of the budget puzzle. The forecast, being released on Wednesday, will show legislators what the state’s economic picture will look like in the coming years. We expect the House and Senate budgets to be released the week of March 25th. HB 1554, our technical fix bill, has been referred to the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee for consideration. No hearing scheduled yet, but it's likely to be heard the week of March 25th. HB 1317, the dental therapy bill, has been designated “necessary to implement the budget”, or NTIB, by the Speaker of the House. This means that it is not subject to last Wednesday’s cutoff deadline and remains alive for consideration by the Legislature.
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